Geneva 2010: Hyundai concept iFLOW, i40 future?

Geneva 2010: Hyundai concept iFLOW, i40 future ?

Also under the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai will provide a new concept probably foreshadowing his forthcoming i40, successor to the Sonata, which is already known, however, since it was presented last year in Korea. In short, it's a little mystery unless the European i40 differs from Sonata Korean. For now, only this design allows us to get an idea of the object whose shapes are in agreement with the name: iFLOW.

The body is actually worked very very "organic", organic expressing the very idea of a flow a little in the way of its Nagare and Mazda. iFLOW was designed in the style center in Rüsselsheim in Germany and the concept is to house a hybrid and a pavilion hosting solar panels.

According to some, the Hyundai i40 European could only happen at the end of this year, may be in Paris. To check.


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