Detroit 2010 : Hyundai Blue-Will Concept

The hybrid technology has become a must for all manufacturers in the world, including South Korea, where Hyundai has long worked to provide a range of hybrid cars in series in the years to come. To mark his efforts in this regard, the Asian brands introduced last year a concept car at the very personal style in the lounge of Seoul. He's back now on the Hyundai stand in Detroit.

Will the Blue-architecture incorporates Blue-Drive unveiled by Hyundai in 2008 at the show in Los Angeles. Clearly, this is a hybrid system consisting of a combustion engine and an electric generator including a plug-in operation.

Will the Blue has a small-block 1.6-liter four-cylinder 136-horsepower direct-injection but can travel 64 kilometers using only its electric generator of 100 kilowatts.

Stylistically, it is not unpleasant to watch next to a Chevy Volt or Toyota Prius.

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