Chicago 2010: Ray's the Kia Concept

It was expected and even announced by two previous teasers, Kia came to the salon in Chicago with his luggage a concept-car style rather surprising. So that the Ray from all angles after having merely tail lights and headlights.

Ray is a concept car hybrid plug-in with four seats and four doors opening antagonistic manner Mazda RX8. In a perfect world, it can travel a total distance of 1200 kilometers on a single tank and over 80 miles using only electric power.

Technically, Ray is powered by a 1.4 liter block of 153 horsepower direct injection, mated to an electric motor of 78 kw. Consumption per 100 kilometers is only 1.2 liters.

The general proportions are perhaps a little heavy, but some details like the style tail lights are quite pretty to watch.


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