New York Auto Show: Suzuki concept V8

Undeceive us. First, Suzuki is not a manufacturer of motorcycle ... cylcettes. Secondly, as automakers, it has decided not to confine itself ad infinitum in the manufacture of small cars and 4x4s. No, no and no!

As evidence, the recent concept Kizashi strolled in late last year between exhibitions in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Yes, yes, yes, Suzuki will also make big cars.

And what better way to convince the world or the world of automobile first time then that of all comers in a second time, but bringing the message to the United States first, land par excellence of V8.

Hey bing, I give you a right on the money, a concept car, Suzuki Motor V8 is the highly anticipated next Salon in New York.

This concept car Kizashi resume the theme by giving it an engine greedy glutton, you will say, to vibrate the strings politically correct, but certainly a V8 that consumes less than before!


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