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After several months of testing under real conditions in Ile-de-France and Aquitaine, The Post has opted for 250 Berlingo First Electric, electric cars.

So the Monegasque Venturi Automobiles Citroën and the French who won the European Consultation launched by the Post with the Berlingo First Electric. Finally, with the Berlingo First Electric, Citroën becomes one of the first manufacturers to market a fully electric vehicle.

"This reflects the strategy of the Citroën brand, deliberately oriented towards concrete proposals for sustainable mobility, which will soon be supplemented by the arrival of Citroën C-ZERO" said Frederic Banzet, Managing Director of Automobiles Citroën.

The Berlingo First Electric, is a derivative of the heat, with a load capacity of 500 kg and load volume of 3 m3. The electric power is fully integrated in the front cover. With a three-phase asynchronous motor with a maximum power of 42 kW, Berlingo First Electric offers a range of 100 km and allows a maximum speed of 110 km / h. An 80% recharge requires 5 hours.

Deliveries of vehicles to the Post Office will be during 2010.

"Our policy innovation in the electric vehicle began some ten years now gives us an edge. Winning the international competition alongside the PSA Peugeot Citroën is a reward that is part of the development of our growing company. "Pallanca said Gildo Pastor, President of Venturi Automobiles.

* Batteries:

Battery Nickel sodium chloride "Zebra For Venturi"
Energy: 23.5 kWh
Battery mass: 201 kg
Cooling air
Lifetime of battery: more than 1 000 cycles
Regeneration system to the deceleration
Internal operating temperature of the battery: 270 ° C

* Engine:

Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Max power: 42 kWp
Maximum torque: 180 Nm
Liquid Cooling

* 80% charged:

With on-board charger: 5 hours (220 V-16 standard)
Compatible 110Vac 60Hz
Power Load: 3200 W

* Transmission:

Differential gear reducer
Report: 1 / 8.6

* Performance:

Autonomy: 100 km
Max. : 110 Km / h
Payload: 500 kg

* Dimensions:

Length: 4137 mm
Width: 1960 mm
Height: 1819 mm
Track Front: 1420 mm
Lane RD. : 1440 mm
Wheelbase: 1693 mm
Front tires: Michelin Agilis 51 to 175 65 R14
Tires Rear: Michelin Agilis 51 to 175 65 R14

* Standard equipment:
Double airbag


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