Citroën presents its know-how at the Geneva Motor Show

From March 5 to 15 will take the Geneva Motor Show. Citroën will be exhibiting its know-how as the C-Cactus, a system Stop & Start of new generation and the C4 WRC concept car HYbrid4.

Citroën offers with C-Cactus a car that emphasizes both technology and style. The C-Cactus is well equipped with an engine emitting 0 g / km of CO2, through a chain of full-electric traction. You will find on the stand, a demonstration of the work of Mark on the development of electrical technologies and a taste of one of propulsion that could equip the vehicle serial!

Citroën also highlights an application of its micro-hybrid technology with the concept features the C3 Picasso Stop & Start system, 2nd generation. Available - from 2010 - both gasoline and diesel, this system will always use technology-alternator starter while recovering energy during braking and deceleration.

This solution provides both ensures fast starts and transparent to the client. It can increase vehicle performance while recharging the batteries without any consumption schedule. Also equipped with a manual 6-speed driven, the concept paper presents a level of emissions reduced to 110 g / km of CO2.

Finally, the C4 WRC concept car HYbrid4 focuses on the hybrid: it combines its technology WRC pack of recharging batteries by recovering energy during braking in special or the golf link. The C4 WRC HYbrid4 can run well with an electric motor on the portions not timed. The car becomes very silent.

In terms of hybridization, Citroën will propose in 2011 the DS5 with the hybrid powertrain diesel.


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