BMW GINA Light Visionary: The future Z4 filigree (HD 55 photos)

This new BMW concept is something great like a sick friend of mine. Besides the fact that the future Z4 watermark appears in the features of the BMW GINA Light Visionary tease a few days ago, the technology deployed to create this object is truly staggering.

The BMW stylistic ambition is to see as far as possible and practical. Innovation devised by the team of designers is called GINA for Geometry and Functions In "N" Adaptions. N is the symbol of infinity.

To meet the desire for personalization, individualization increasingly large customers, BMW has laid Gina. A bit like airplanes in big time, is a textile skin that covers Gina closer.

This material is stretchy, waterproof, resistant to temperature change is stretched around a metal frame (aluminum) with a line that does not fail to highlight. Gina is wearing 4 pieces of fabric. The largest covers entire front of the car to the base of the windscreen and even doors. 2 other items cover a portion of the lateral and vertical part of the stern while the fourth piece dresses the rear trunk and part of the cockpit.

By making mobile parts of the aluminum structure, and it is possible to modify the appearance and aerodynamics of the car without unsightly appendages. Everything is done under the skin. Thus, taillights are covered at all times and do their duty as transparency, while the front light can be completely hidden when not used. The line then Gina is one piece and there is nothing more the parasite draughtsmanship original.

In addition to these eye headlights almost human, the folds at the opening of the doors are disturbing because they evoke living. Similarly, opening the hood at its center is troubling and refers to medical images. It's almost surgery.

BMW has invented the carnal self. It's very hard.

Otherwise, bringing Gina into the sphere of reality is its 20-inch wheels. To be credible, must learn to keep his gums on earth is well known. 


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