Test Ford Focus Econetic: a few grams are sufficient

One who is able to align chronos dementia in its RS, returns this year, badged a new variant Econetic. Only 99g of CO2! The new Focus Econetic is eligible for Super bonus of 1,000 € ... for a period of a month. Since January 2010, his bonus will fall by half.

The car market beats to the rhythm of the constraints and incentives. And the explosion of urban, low transmitter is not foreign. On the upper few manufacturer can boast of offering vehicles with very low emissions. Ford is among one of the best students in the field, since it proposes a range Flex (E85), a label Econetic (slight hybridization) in the near future of electric vehicles (BEV) and more distant models with cell fuel.

But why have until December and lower thresholds (100 g to 95 g) and bonus (1000 € to 500 €) to market a version under 99g of CO2? Simply because the share of individual customers is minimal. Applicants are mostly companies as a vehicle under 100g (even after 2010) remains subject to a TVS (Tax on company cars) to 2 euros per gram of CO2. That is the lowest.

Apart from traditional tricks: low-resistance tires, oil more fluid, improved aerodynamics and longer Last 2 box, the Focus Econectic vintage 2010 Aboard some technological innovations that have dramatically lowered their thresholds. As the Stop & Start here called "Auto-Start-Stop". An optional charged € 500 (combined with auto air conditioning and heat-reflective windscreen) that allows Focus to fall below the 100 g of CO2. Without this option the Focus Econetic emits 104 g CO2.

The Stop & Start is associated with a new charging system by recovering kinetic energy. A completely new equipment which aims to feed the generator (under braking or deceleration) and recharge the battery. The stored energy is converted into electricity for restarts in Stop & Start. The objective is to reduce fuel consumption and achieve a longer battery life.

Another innovative program Ford Eco Fashion. A system of information and "congratulation" the driver in the form of flower petals. A system already seen on the Insight or Prius, which aims to optimize consumption. The three themes discussed are speed, anticipation (dosage braking) and the handling of reports.

Equipment: HSO Optional

This Econetic Focus TDCI 110 displayed 22 100 € resumed finishing Trend. An entry level fairly well equipped (ABS, ESP, 6 airbags, Audio CD with MP3, cruise control, Bluetooth TM, Trip Computer, Electric Pack, etc.) plus the system of charging, the Ecomode , tires green, lowered suspension, special front grille and badge "clean car". For the model to 99 g, it will add to this finish Econetic option HSO (Stio & Start) 500 €. Focus TDCI Econetic 90 did not have the opportunity to be equipped with the SSA.


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