Test Citroen C5 V6 HDi 240 bhp: addition to German!

1. Test Citroen C5 V6 HDi 240 bhp: addition to German!

All he needed more than a big engine to compete with more upscale models in the category. By installing the V6 HDi group, Citroen gives his family the status of ambassador abroad.

The C5 is doing well and even exceed the targets. Leader in its segment in France and well positioned in Europe, the new C5 had to expand its offerings to meet customers high quality, naturally turned to German models.

With the rise of its V6, the C5 is now positioned in direct competition with the Audi A4 3.0 TDI or the BMW 330d Series. It becomes at the same time the French the most powerful diesel.

This move upmarket was then translated by the very recent introduction of V6 Hdi developed by the group with Ford. Found under the hood of the Jaguar XF, the 3.0 will replace the old 2.7, earning a good thirty horses.

This change in the V6 adopts two turbochargers with variable geometry. One for each row of cylinders. This architecture, combined with the adoption of a common rail 3G allows the diesel to deliver a constant torque of 450 Nm between 1600 to 3600 rpm and offer drivers a range of greater use. 

Fitted with an FAP HDi V6 that is more respectful and less greedy than its ancestor. He first meets the future Euro V emissions and sees down below the 200 g of CO2. Allow 195 g / km CO2. Either the small penalty (750 €). Amount will remain unchanged in 2010 with the establishment of new ecological scale.

If the French displays an impressive level of power, its performance is not related to those of Germany. 0 to 100 kph in 8.5 sec and a v-max 240 km / h. Blame it on a large mass (1873 kg) and an automatic gearbox certainly less quick to react as S-Tronic or 7G-Tronic. Suddenly, the C5 is on another level. One of the coziness and comfort.

The C5 is illustrated by its homogeneity and availability. With two turbos, the V6 responds tit-o-tac but without violence. The revving is gradual, silent and still with a large reserve on the right pedal for passing. Her character is firmly incorporated. Nothing sport rather quiet strength.

The baritone sound that escapes from the double output (single distinctive sign), is not sporting, but hints that there is more than just a 4 cylinder under the hood.

Our consumption measured on a joint journey of 500 km is faithful to that announced by Citroen. Just under 8l/100 km by our calculations.

The handling is imperial, royal comforts but sportsmanship minimum. Supplied with hydraulic suspension, the C5 V6 offers more a sport mode with firmer damping. Support is more marked, the flawless precision. And despite the presence of an excellent chassis Citroen failed to thwart the laws of physics. Weight and wheelbase important borne agility and dynamism of the family. It is irrelevant here facing the more hardened character of a BMW Series 330d. The drivers console quickly exceptional comfort, one notch above the German.


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