Super Christmas gift: P540 Ferrari Superfast Aperta

We had already seen, mysterious, in the shadow of a pharmacy Monaco. The Ferrari Golden, the kind of tribute Fantuzzi heroine of the film an episode of Dead Spirits is intended for a U.S. client, Edward Walson. The P4 / 5 by James Glickenhaus was a realization Pininfarina, Ferrari is simply reached the end of the process to validate the project and award the badge mythical. This was a history between James Glickenhaus, Andrea Pininfarina and Luca di Montezemolo. 

Since Ferrari has taken matters in hand and no longer allows this kind of fantasy without being involved. A first single Ferrari coachwork by Fioravanti was out of the new division of special constructions few months ago, here is the second. This Ferrari Superfast Aperta P540 is based on a 599 GTB Fiorano and is a dream of its owner: 

"I always wanted to draw sports and when I saw the film Toby Dammit, my decision came naturally one day have my Ferrari. This is the Christmas gift the most special of my life" 

Ferrari has turned the coupe into a 599 Targa based on a design provided by Pininfarina. It took 14 months to go from first design to the first taxi. Joyeux Noel Edward 


4731 mm Long 

Width 1954 mm 

Top 1300 mm 

LWB 2750 mm 

Lane ave 1690 mm 

Track Rear 1620 mm 


65 ° V12 

Displacement 5999 cc 

Maximum power 456 kilowatts (620 hp) at 7600 rpm 

Maximum Torque 608 Nm (62 kgm) at 5600 rpm 


F1 6-speed gearbox 


av245/35 20 " 

ar305/35 20 " 


combined cycle 17.9 l/100 km 

CO2 emissions 

415 g / km


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