Sausage Friday: Cadillac Seville Gangsta Nigger

The end of the year approaches, and the election of the sausage as Friday, 2009. So to try to add a potential participant with a proper level (end of year requires), this is the Cadillac Seville Gangsta Nigger.

After the Lincoln last week we continue on this topic U.S., in common with the pervasive spirit of patriotism, confirmed by the presence of many flags. But worst case is a 4x4 transformation through the presence of fender flares metal grain of rice, essential steps, and especially the amazing wheels!

Without stopping the excessive width of the tracks, there is admiration for the manufacture of spinning hubcaps-dollars "Step 1", and completely shocked to discover "Step 2" covered a lot of amazing trinkets.

One sausage a little heavy, which may be difficult to digest after the Christmas meal.


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