Aston Martin One-77: 354.86 km / h for its first test

To counteract the publication of images of the amazing Cygnet and not let the fan in the extreme disappointment or at least doubt, Aston Martin gratifies us first reports testing the fabulous One-77. The British supercar view at Villa d'Este in the spring is currently being developed in southern Europe where she has just completed several days of high speed runs. 
Engineers have developed directors were pleasantly surprised to save a v-max above expectations, self reaching a remarkable 354.86 km / h in conditions not necessarily ideal. The V12 7.3L sends this auto full carbon at speeds never before achieved by an Aston Martin. The One-77 will be produced at 77 from 2010 with early deliveries scheduled for mid-2010.

Until the end of the year, it will continue testing through dynamic testing sessions. A merry Christmas for testers of Gaydon.


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